Building Code Compliance

At Labeling Sustainability we specialize in helping you to navigate the very complicated processes and regulations of the U.S. Building Codes. We employ experienced project managers who guide you through the process from the initial examination of your product to identifying the correct testing needed to comply with those codes, to finally understanding the results and what that means to U.S. building officials. With our help, you can complete the process in months instead of years thus bringing your product to market faster and eliminating costly mistakes. 

When you contact us we will immediately assign you a project manager who is your personal concierge through the building code process. Their goal is to help you, to answer all your questions, and to get your results fast. We pride ourselves on eliminating any hurdles on your path to building code compliance and we are always available to answer your questions to make sure that you understand the process. With more than 20+ years in the business, our project managers are experts ready and able to help you with your most complicated situations. 

The U.S. Building Code process can be overwhelming to grasp when you consider that codes can change regionally or by product. California may require different testing than New York which may require different testing than Florida. Then consider if your product is interior or exterior or both. To gain some insight and background into the variety of codes download our guide “A Roadmap to Selling in the U.S.” In it, you can explore a variety of building code topics such as fire and life safety or wind and Miami-Dade. Learn background information so you know what to ask and what is important to your product.