Know what you make (and waste) to create trust through transparency with your customers. 

At Labeling Sustainability we believe that your best story is rooted in the science of what you make. To unlock your true potential in product design and marketing you need a complete understanding of the science of your product. A great way to learn more is to conduct a Life Cycle Analysis of your product. Through this process, many of our customers find a competitive advantage they never knew they had! 

A life cycle analysis is a complete look at a product’s raw material composition and its process waste but stops at the factory gate. A life cycle calculates the product manufacturing for its intended purpose and does not extend to consumer use or any post-consumer recycling. Therefore an LCA is often referred to as a measure of cradle to gate. A life cycle analysis is an excellent marker for any manufactured product because it depicts exactly what resources are consumed during production. This not only includes the raw materials but resources such as energy and water.With the increased awareness and societal pressure to minimize consumption of those latter resources, an LCA is not only a report of the current state of a manufactured product but also a starting point from which you can make improvements to that original product.

This systemic evaluation can be used to compare two options or as a stand-alone evaluation. It is also used as the basis for an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). If you have only heard of an EPD and you are not sure if it is right for your product or you simply want to know more, watch the short video below for some basic information. 

To learn more about how a product life cycle analysis can help your company contact us for a free strategy call.