Practical Sustainability

Practical Sustainability: Business Principles and Practices for Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Green Building Advocates is a step-by-step guide to build your sustainability practices. Practical Sustainability is sustainability that fits: it fits into your organizational culture, it fits into your product’s attributes, and it fits into the story that you tell your customers. It is as unique as your product’s footprint and a license to embrace who you are as a company. It is a way of thinking that will change what you spend and how you look at your sustainability initiatives.

The main goal and defining principle of the book are that companies can use sustainability initiatives to create an amazing story that increases sales or market share. Through the exercises at the end of each chapter, companies define their sustainability initiatives and can use the resulting science to create credible statements about their products. Practical Sustainability is different because it focuses ultimately on the story corporations tell their customers. It shows manufacturers how, by differentiating their product through an exceptional environmental story, they can create a strong brand consumers buy as part of the product, and can justify charging higher prices. This is environmental storytelling that sells. This is Practical Sustainability

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