Our Difference

Green as Luxury. Marketing luxury goods means a different marketing strategy. Companies who market them have a difference, deviation, and departure mindset. Marketers of luxury products embrace the difference between market products and their features; they deviate from the traditional course of fulfilling their customer’s needs, and these companies depart from the same old strategy that everyone else in the marketplace is doing. Ultimately they relish in their uniqueness. This same strategy can be applied to marketing the sustainable attributes of your product. If you are mindful in your tactics you can set your product apart and not fall into the trap of trying to defend your higher price because your product is green. Instead, you will create a preference for your product that is not price dependent.

Creating Your Story

In the age of TED Talk franchises and the marketing obsession of engaging your customers, telling your story is a sort of a buzz word phrase. You want your customers to remember you in your own unique way and creating a story can do that. A modern experiment in this resulted in social anthropologists selling thrift store junk on eBay for more than 28x the price they paid for items simply by creating a story to go along with each item. They quickly found out that by giving each item a story, the narrative placed extraordinary significance on the everyday item. They concluded that the story was a driver that lent emotional significance to an object which increased its value above what customers normally would have paid for it. Now if you are reading this I’m guessing you don’t sell thrift store junk so imagine what the right story, a sustainable story, can do for your product.

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