The Health Product Declaration (HPD) was developed by the Health Product Declaration Collaborative (HPDC) to improve the transparency, openness, and reporting practices of the building products’ industry. 

HPDC’s mission is to expand the understanding of product contents and associated health information of materials used in green building. Under LEED v4, Building Product Disclosure and Optimization credit, Material Ingredients Option 1 includes the Health Product Declaration 2.0 as fulfilling the requirements of the MR credit. This replaces previous conflicting standards that contributed to confusion in the industry for manufacturers and consumers. It is an open source standard that homogenizes the process thus making it easier for manufacturers to examine and report on the health information across their entire supply chain. With this too, manufacturers can now create the transparency their customers demand.

An HPD can be used to enhance your product’s transparency and ultimately gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. To learn more about the process and how this can help your product, contact us to get started.