The overall goal of an Environmental Product Declaration, EPD, is to provide verifiable information about the environmental impact of a product.

This allows a buyer to compare products side by side using the same metrics. It is based on the LCA of the product but fixes one flaw of an LCA study. In an LCA the administrator determines the functional unit to be studied. This means that they can include or exclude certain parts of the product at will. By making each study unique in scope it is difficult to compare two product LCAs if you do not completely understand the product parameters studied. An EPD addresses this by establishing parallel impact categories across an entire industry that each member of that industry must adhere to when developing their individual EPD. This allows the customer to compare two products on a standardized baseline.

This systemic evaluation can be used to enhance your product against the industry standard and ultimately gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. At Labeling Sustainability we perform EPDs and use the information in the EPD to do more than provide your company with a marketing document, we provide you with the information you need to increase your sales. 

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