Our Story

Labeling Sustainability started as a graduate project for founder Denice Viktoria Staaf. She struggled with how to explain the massive pages and calculations of a life cycle analysis and energy audit to a friend. He was the CEO of a company and she used one of his manufactured products for her data. In presenting her findings the CEO challenged Denice by asking what all of this sustainability information would do for his organization and how could he use it to increase his market share? After a night of thought, Denice created the sustainability label to highlight the sustainable attributes of the product she analyzed. He loved it and created a hang tag that hung on every chair his company sold. Soon local universities were using that hang tag to advertise for their sustainability classes and the CEO was getting offers from around the country to speak on sustainability. After graduating with a Master of Liberal Arts in Environmental Management and Sustainability, Labeling Sustainability was born of that same idea- to help companies use the science of what they make to increase profits.

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Denice Viktoria-Staaf, LEED AP BD+C
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Juan Guzmán Toral
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